Role of Traditional Medicine, Nutraceuticals & Botanicals in COVID-19

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Bhatt K
Thevuthasan S
Khawaja UA
Subhan M
Agadi K
Khan I
Mathew A
Azmat M
Vazquez Z
Garcia D


Currently, there is no curative medicine available for the current pandemic caused by Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). With the rising death toll across the globe, considering effective prevention measures and a healthy immune system is paramount for the management of COVID-19. Nutrition based interventions may play an essential role in the prevention and management of viral infections, particularly in respiratory infections. While researchers are still discovering the impact of nutrition-based interventions in COVID-19 infection, several publications have discussed the possible benefits of traditional medicines (Ayurveda and Chinese medicine), nutraceuticals, and botanicals, in viral infections, including COVID-19. Different sources are touting the next best cure and prevention, making a lot more information available to the public that may or may not is supported by research-based data. Here we discuss the role of traditional medicine, nutraceuticals, and botanicals in the prevention and therapeutic uses of COVID-19. Further clinical trials, warranted to determine the effectiveness of using and capitalize on the substantial potential against viral infections, including COVID-19.


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