GOAP Clinical and Experimental Medicine is a journal dedicated to the publication of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in all branches of medical sciences from authors throughout the world. The wide variety in meeting proceedings it presents offers readers multiple perspectives on a variety of disciplines including neuroscience, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, hematology, virology, clinical chemistry, biomedical engineering and cancer research. The series also provides scientists with up to date information on emerging topics and techniques.


Aim and Scope

The journal is a leading resource for clinicians, teachers, and researchers involved in Clinical and Experimental Medicine. Within the field of medical biology, we focus both on human studies and diverse in vivo experimental models of human disease that address such topics as genetics, inflammation, immunity, infectious disease, cancer, vascular biology, metabolic disorders, neuroscience, and stem cell biology.

GOAP Clinical and Experimental Medicine focuses on providing a platform to showcase the advancement of clinical diagnosis, treatment and scientific exploration of human diseases. The journal also deals with basic sciences and experimental work. It provides a broad academic platform for the international exchange of medical results. The primary aim of the TCEM is to improve diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive modalities and the skills of clinicians and to guide clinical practice in experimental medicine.