Oral Bioinspired materials templates by nature species


Biological materials naturally display an astonishing variety of sophisticated nanostructures that are difficult to obtaineven with the most technologically advanced synthetic methodologies. Inspired from nature materials with hierarchicalstructures, many functional materials are developed based on the templating synthesis method. This review will introduce theway to fabricate novel functional materials based on nature bio-structures with a great diversity of morphologies, in State KeyLab of Metal Matrix Composites, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in near five years. We focused on replicating the morphologicalcharacteristics and the functionality of a biological species (e.g. wood, agriculture castoff, butterfly wings). We change theiroriginal components into our desired materials with original morphologies faithfully kept. Properties of the obtained materialsare studied in details. Based on these results, we discuss the possibility of using these materials in photonic control, solarcells, electromagnetic shielding, energy harvesting, and gas sensitive devices, et al. In addition, the fabrication method couldbe applied to other nature substrate template and inorganic systems that could eventually lead to the production of optical,magnetic. or electric devices or components as building blocks for nanoelectronic, magnetic, or photonic integrated systems.These bioinspired functional materials with improved performance characteristics are becoming increasing important, whichwill have great values on the development on structural function materials in the near future.

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