Oral Efficient Ag-nano assemblies separation for practical applications


Rational assembly of nanoparticles (NPs) is relevant for effective exploitation of structure-dependent material properties andfor making nanostructured materials with specific activity in optical (sensing) and electronic (nanodevices) applications.Despite relevant improvements on solid surfaces, fabrication and organization of narrow size- and shape distributions of NPsin solution remain a challenge. One of the most successful approaches for their fabrication involves use of colloids and wellestablishedthiolate adsorption chemistry. The general difficulty in this controlling aggregation methodology is that, the linkingprocess is random by nature and is difficult to control, generating a statistical distribution of aggregated NPs. An alternativeto non-ideal NPs assembly would be an effective postsynthetic purification method. In this presentation, we will focus on thisapproach for collecting efficient and intense optical SERS active nanostructure for novel applications fromNP-assemblies pool.

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