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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions from authors all over the world. We would request you to submit your work to our journals to get published online. We would prefer to receive your submissions either by email of the particular journal or by using our online submission form.

Electronic versions of your manuscript should be sent in a Microsoft Word or PDF file and send the images separately if there are any.

Include details such as word count (of complete manuscript), genre, as well as author names, affiliation and contact details.

Once your submission is received it will be handled by an editor who is having the area of expertise in related to your manuscript and undergoes double-blind peer review process.

All your submissions that are finished with the review processes will put forward for publication in our journals.

Submission of an article infers that the work mentioned has not been published before in any other journals or books (with the exception as an abstract or as a published lecture or academic thesis, or scholarly proposition, that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, that its publication is agreed by all authors and implicitly or expressly by the sponsors or any other who/which has helped the authors in completing the work successfully, that the submission of work is considered as Open Access Submission under Gratis Open Access Policy, and that, if acknowledged, it won't be published anywhere else in the same form, in English or in any other languages, including electronically without the written approval of the copyright-holder.

Author can submit the paper through 'Submit Manuscript' option available in the main Dashboard. Submission to Gratis proceeds totally online and you can check the status of your manuscripts submitted to our journals, if you register with the journal. Submissions by email will be received by managing editors of the journals and then they will be uploaded in the OJS and assigned to Editors

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.