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Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

The principal objective of Gratis Open Access Publishers is to present valuable scientific research information to the readers. Gratis makes every effort that these scientific research contents should be the quality work. To achieve this, here are the guidelines for Reviewers.

The Reviewer will play a crucial role in regards to the publication of an article. Gratis has its reviewers from all over the world and their eminence in their area of expertise will help the organization in publishing quality work.

The reviewers will have the responsibility of providing genuine and constructive comments and criticism about the reviewed articles. The Reviewer should made his valuable comments which guides the Editors to make a decision on the particular manuscript.

All articles submitted to Gratis journals will undergoes a double-blind peer review process. Reviewers should respect the privacy of the author by not enquiring about the author details and not disclosing the content anywhere in any form. In the same way, the authors will not be known about the identity of the reviewers.

The reviewers are anticipated to respond promptly and provide their valuable comments in their deadlines. The reviewers will evaluate the originality, the accuracy and the wholeness of each content and provide honest comments on the work submitted.

The Reviewer should have the expertise to carry the peer reviewing process on his own.

The Reviewer cannot edit any contents presented in the manuscript. The Reviewer has no rights to any form of personal accusations. He can however present confidential feedback to the Editor.

The comments and reviews given by the reviewer must not be influenced by the race, nationality, religion, language, origin, ethnicity, gender or any other possibilities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.