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Vol 4 No 1 (2018): Conference Proceedings: World Congress on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention Source 2017

Published: 2018-01-05

Oral Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Fucus Vesiculosus and Ascophyllum Nodosum (Gduetm) on Fasting Blood Insulin and Glucose Levels and Abdominal Circumference: A Clinical Study

Sara Martin, Daniela Gabbia, Antonio Sirianni, Franco Treglia, Giuseppe Lanna, Franco Cicerchia, Patrizia Martini, Angelo De Martino


oral Supplementation With B and D Vitamins Improves Metabolic Bone Markers, Homocysteine and Influences Telomere Length

Wolfgang Herrmann, Susanne H Kirsch, Vera Kruse, Rudolf Eckert, Stefan Gräber, Jürgen Geisel, Rima Obeid, Irene Pusceddu, Ulrich Hübner, Marion Bodis, Markus Herrmann


Oral The Role of Homocysteine and B Vitamins in Telomere Length: Results from the Cross-Sectional and Interventional Trials

Wolfgang Herrmann, Irene Pusceddu, Markus Herrmann, Winfried März, Susanne H Kirsch, Christian Werner, Ulrich Hübner, Marion Bodis, Ulrich Laufs, Stefan Wagenpfeil, Jürgen Geisel, Angela M Di Pierro, Silvia Giuliani, Marcus Kleber, Graciela Delgado


oral Anthropometric Changes over the Course of Pregnancy and Their Association With Adequacy of Gestation Weight Gain

Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Clevenger Firley E, Faith M, Nicholson W, Stuebe A, Lipsky L, Nansel T


Oral Study of Rheological and Sensory Properties of Reduced-Salt Probiotic Ashi Noodle

Amir M Mortazavian, Sara Sohrabvandi, Nasim Khorshidian, Mojtaba Yousefi


oral Ketogenic Diet Impact on Hyperinsulinemic Non-Diabetic Obese Patients

Marie Christine R Shakib, Shreef GN Gabrial, Gamal N Gabrial


Oral Chrysophanic Acid Suppresses Adipogenesis and Induces Thermogenesis by Activating AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Alpha In vivo and In vitro

Hara Lim, Jinbong Park, Hye-Lin Kim, JongWook Kang, Mi-Young Jeong, Dong-Hyun Youn, Yunu Jung, Yong-Il Kim, Hyun-Ju Kim, Kwang Seok Ahn, SuJin Kim, Seong Kyu Choe, Seung-Heon Hong, Jae-Young Um


Oral Evaluation of Malnutrition Risk in General Surgery Clinic Inpatients

Alev Keser, Esma Asil, Mustafa Volkan Yilmaz, Ezgi Karatas, Sinem Erem, Eren Canbolat, Jiyan Aslan Ceylan, A. Ozfer Ozcelik


oral Preconception Dietary Adherence to the 2010 Healthy Eating Index and Birth Outcomes Among Hispanic/Latina Women in the HCHS/SOL Study

Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Catherine J Vladutiu, Daniela Sotres Alvarez, Nicole Butera, Martha Daviglus, Marc Gellman, Carmen R Isasi, Unzila Nayeri, Alison M Stuebe, Gregory A Talavera, Linda Van Horn


Poster Prevalence of Distorted Body Image in Young Koreans and Its Correlate

Moon Doo Kim, Jeong Seok Seo, Jong Hyun Jeong, Young Eun Jung, Won Myong Bahk, Young Joon Kwon, Se Hoon Shim


Poster Inhibitory Effects of Embelin in the Early Stage of 3T3-L1 Preadipocyte Differentiation

Jae-Young Um, Yunu Jung, Dong-Hyun Youn, Jinbong Park, Hye-Lin Kim, JongWook Kang, Seona Lim, Mi-Young Jeong


oral Markers of the Nutrition Transition among Moroccan Students: The Case of the Beni Mellal-Khenifra Region

Kaltoum Boutahar, Kamal Kaoutar, Ahmed Chetoui, Mohamed Najimi, Fatiha Chigr


Poster Psychosocial Determinants of Adherence to Diet and Quality of Life in Celiac Patients

Ricardo Fueyo Diaz, Rosa Magallón Botaya, Angela Asensio Martínez, María Antonia Sánchez-Calavera, Barbara Olivan Blaquez, Santiago Gascón Santos


Poster The Effect of VLCD Diet on Body Composition

Christian Salom Vendrell1, Iciar Castro de la Vega, Silvia Veses Martin, Celia Banuls Morant, Rosa Simo Sanchez, Cristina Conejos Bono, Antonio Hernandez


oral Comparision of Meal Frequency, Energy and Nutrient Intakes of University Students by Their Living Environment

Mustafa Volkan Yilmaz, Onur Cirak, Sinem Erem, Jiyan Aslan Ceylan, Ayse Ozfer Ozcelik


Poster Antiobesity Effects of Crocetin, a Crocus sativus L compound

Silvia Llorens, Elena Jimenez, Natalia Moratalla, Gonzalo L. Alonso, Eduardo Nava


oral Maternal and Neonatal Leptin and Leptin Receptor Polymorphisms Associated with Preterm Birth

Ruth Birk, Hagit Salem, Talya Rosenfeld, Gheona Altarescu, Sorina Grisaru Granovsky


Oral Association Between Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D[25(OH)D] Levels and Depressive Symptoms in Patients Hospitalized with a Diagnosis of Depression

Jong Hyun Jeong, Young Eun Jung, Won Myong Bahk, Young Joon Kwon, Bo Hyun Yoon, Duk In Jon, Jung Goo Lee


Poster Combination of Zonisamide and Weight Reduction Program In Obese Schizophrenic Patients

Bo-Hyun Yoon, Gwang-Hun Lee, Sang-Yeol Lee, Moon-Doo Kim, Jeong Seok Seo, Jung Goo Lee, Duk-In Jon, Wong-Myong Bahk, Jye Heon Song


oral Children’s Eating Behavior According to Gender and Body Mass Index

Mustafa Volkan Volkan Yilmaz, Esma Asil, Necla Harman, Ayse Ozfer Ozcelik


oral Parents Beliefs about Childhood Obesity

Asli UCAR, Gulperi HAKLI, Funda Pinar CAKIROGLU


Poster Changes of Body Weight and Metabolic Syndrome According to the use of Psychiatric Medication

Kwanghun Lee, Sang Yeol Lee, Moon Doo Kim, Jeong Seok Seo, Jong Hyun Jeong, Kyung Joon Min, Jung Goo Lee


Poster Body Weight, BMI, Plasma Leptin, Insulin and Fasting Glucose Levels in Schizophrenic Patients Receiving Olanzapine

Young-Joon Kwon, Sang-Yeol Lee, Bo-Hyun Yoon, Kwanghun Lee, Moon-Doo Kim, Duk-In Jon, Se-Hoon Shim


Poster Metabolic Syndrome and Its Impact on Quality of Life in Patients with Schizophrenia

Sang Yeol Lee, Moon Doo Kim, Jeong Seok Seo, Jong Hyun Jeong, Young Eun Jung, Won Myong Bahk, Kyung Joon Min


Poster Effect of Nizatidine on Olanzapine-Associated Weight Gain in Schizophrenic Patients

Won-Myong Bahk, Young-Joon Kwon, Bo-Hyun Yoon, Kwanghun Lee, Sang-Yeol Lee, Se-Hoon Shim, Kyung Joon Min


poster Combination of Zonisamide and Weight Reduction Program In Obese Schizophrenic Patients

Jye Heon Song, Bo Hyun Yoon, Gwang Hun Lee, Sang Yeol Lee, Moon Doo Kim, Jeong Seok Seo, Jung Goo Lee, Duk In Jon, Wong Myong Bahk


Poster What Factors Affect Disturbed Eating Attitudes and Behaviors In Korean Adolescents?

Young Eun Jung, Won Myong Bahk, Young Joon Kwon, Bo Hyun Yoon, Kwanghun Lee, Jung Goo Lee, Kyung Joon Min


Poster Does Mirtazapine Interfere With Diabetes Treatment?

Duk-In Jon, Won-Myong Bahk, Se-Hoon Shim, Young Sup Woo, Eunsung Lim, Bo-Hyun Yoon


oral Adherence to Mediterranean Diet Assessed by PREDIMED as an indicator of Nutritional Intake among Adults

Damla Dedebayraktar, Ece Yalcin, Zeynep Goktas, Derya Dikmen, Neslisah Rakicioglu


Poster Food Intake Habits, a Problem in University Students in Mexico

Priscilla Muniz-Mendoza, Ma. Guadalupe Laura Baez-Baez, Maria de Jesus OrozcoValerio, Ana Cecilia Mendez-Magana, Carlos Cabrera-Pivaral



Hee Weon Lee, Se Yeong Kim, Yoon Hee Kim



Yeon Jeong Jang, Se Yeong Kim, Hee-Weon Lee



Yeon Jeong Jang, Yoon Hee Kim, Hee-Weon Lee


Poster Secoisolariciresinol – 4 – O – Methyl Ether (S4M) Inhibits Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes

Jae-Young Um, JongWook Kang, Dong-Hyun Youn, Yunu Jung, Seona Lim, Jinbong Park, Hye-Lin Kim, Mi-Young Jeong, Mi-Young Jeong


Poster Childhood Obesity: Let’s Talk About The Father!

Maria Soraia Pinto, Márcia Maria Tavares Machado


Poster Short-Term Consumption of Hyperlipidic Diet Enhances Serum Lipid Levels and NTS Gene Expression in Rat Offspring Subjected to Maternal Protein Under nutrition

Simoes Alves, Nogueira V.O., Arcoverde Mello, Barbosa S.S., Helvecio, E., Melo, P.E.D., Paiva Cavalcanti, M., Vasconcelos, D.A.A., Araujo, A.V., Romão, T.P., Costa-Silva, J.H.


Poster The Diet in Weight Loss in Obese Children

Diana Munteanu, Natalia Usurels, Victoria Scara, Lorina Vudu


Poster Aronia Melanocarpa Juice Decreases Body Mass Index and Diastolic Blood Pressure in Overweight Adults

Biljana Pokimica, Manja Zec, Nevena Kardum, Aleksandra Konic Ristic, Maria Glibetic


Poster Dietary Flavonoids of Spanish Youth: Intakes, Sources, and Association with the Mediterranean Diet

Rowaedh Ahmed Bawaked, Helmut Schroder, Lourdes Ribas-Barba, Gabriela Cardenas, Luis Pena-Quintana, Carmen Perez-Rodrigo, Montserrat Fito, Lluis Serra-Majem


Poster Adherence Toto Mediterranean Diet Assessed By PREDIMED Asas Anindicator Ofof Nutritional Intake Amongamong Adults

Damla Dedebayraktar, Ece Yalcin, Zeynep Goktas, Derya Dikmen, Neslisah Rakicioglu


Poster Barbarloin Regulates Brown Adipocyte Differentiation via Phosphorylation of AMPK

Dong-Hyun Youn, Jinbong Park, Yunu Jung, Hye-Lin Kim, JongWook Kang, Seona Lim, Mi-Young Jeong, Jae-Young Um


Poster Effects of Western Diet on Murinometrical and Biochemical Markers and On Metabolism Hepatic in Rat Offspring Subjected to Perinatal Protein Malnutrition

Simões Alves, Arcoverde Mello, Nogueira V.O., Barbosa S.S., Fontes D.A.F, Araújo, A.V., Costa Silva, Fernandes, M.P


Poster Preparation of Schizandirin-Rich Fraction from Schisandrachinensis Fruit

SooMuk Cho, Da Eun Jung, Kyung A Hwang, In Guk Hwang, Jin Song


Poster Apelin and Nutrient intake Relation

Hilal Betul ALTINTAS, Nilufer ACAR TEK


Poster The Diet In Weight Loss In Obese Children

Diana Munteanu, Natalia Usurelu, Victoria Scara, Lorina Vudu



Mehmet Arif Icer, Makbule Gezmen-Karadag



Mehmet Arif Icer, Makbule Gezmen Karadag


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