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Editor Guidelines

Editor Guidelines

Being an editor, one should carry out their responsibilities with much commitment to improve the quality of the journal. It is advisable to administer the journal policies time to time and assisting the publisher in maintaining the journal's quality towards serving the scientific community.

The editors are responsible for the manuscripts getting published in the journals. To improve the ways of journal processes, the editor should actively seek the views of editorial board members, reviewers and authors.

Act in a balanced, objective, and unbiased manner with regard to gender, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, and ethnic or geographical origin of the authors.

Encourages submission of quality articles to the journal by personally recruiting authors, assisting them in all possible ways, and ensuring the journal development as well as authors' reputation is increased.

Editor should be able to determine whether a submitted manuscript is appropriate for the journal or not and ensures feedback provided to authors is constructive, fair, and timely.

Editors should assign eminent reviewers to review the articles using numerous sources, e.g., personal recommendations, Web databases, published choice review.

Consider the use of the authors' suggested peer reviewers for their submitted articles while maintaining the right to choose other peer reviewers.

One should be in touch with the reviewers andcommunicate with them as regularly as possible, according to their availability and give them clear instructions in maintaining standards of the journal.

Conflicts of interest should be avoided whileassigning the reviewers, should check whether the reviewer has a history of conflict with the author.

Ensure that the content provided in the manuscript is original and is not plagiarized.

Editors should communicate with the journals' technical team and the review team to avoid delay in the process of publishing.

Make decisions to accept or reject a manuscript for publication with reference only to the manuscript's importance, originality, clarity, and relevance to the journal.

An editor must provide an editorial and a manuscript twice a year

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